Xintimate has thousands of members looking for casual NSA sex and other adult dating experiences. This article will help you communicate with our members so that you can get the casual sex of your dreams.


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1. Your profile, The most important message.

2. Right expectations, you are on an adult site.

3. Walk out!

4. Sexual freedom.

5. Don’t limit yourself.

6. Ask something.

7. Ask for a sex date.

8. Sexual Limits.

9. Sex dating: Don’t be silly put a condom on your Willy!

1. Casual Sex dating: Your profile, The most important message.

Before sending a message, make sure that you have completely filled out your casual sex dating profile with a few pictures. After skimming over your message, your future sex date will go over to your profile. Your profile is the most important message that you can send. So, make sure that it represents you well. Click here to learn how to create a good casual sex dating profile.

2. Casual Sex dating: Right expectations, you are on an adult site.

Xintimate is an adult dating site. Everyone is here for casual NSA sex, not to share innermost feelings and get into a relationship. Keep conversations light and fun. Be clear about your intention to have a casual sex date.

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3. Casual Sex dating: Walk out!

Do not ever feel pressured to hookup or to have sex with someone when it does not feel right. Or to go on a second sex date if you did not enjoy the first sex date. If you at any stage, do not feel comfortable; walk out!

‘Casual NSA sex dating is not a relationship; you can walk out at any moment.'

4. Casual Sex dating: Sexual freedom.

The great thing about NSA sex dating is that within the NSA sex dating community, you can anonymously hookup for sex and sexually experiment with others. You might not want to hookup with everyone in person that you chat with on Xintimate and in some, you might have a fuck buddy for years to come. Never forget that NSA sex dating is not a 1 to 1 relationship, as a matter of fact, it is not a relationship at all!
You are free to have casual sex with whoever and whenever you like but remember that this goes for everyone on Xintimate! The key to happy casual sex dating is mutual respect.

5. Casual Sex dating: Don’t limit yourself.

Too often people (Sex) dating online, mail one or two other members and get frustrated when they don’t get the desired response. This is a big mistake; you should write several dozens of people. For example; commit yourself to sending 10 messages a day for a week. This will almost guarantee sex dates.

“commit yourself to sending 10 messages a day for a week.”

You could, for example, create one message and slightly adjust it, for it to be more personal. The objective of sending the first message is to see, if there is interest in a casual sex date. And to take it from there.

6. Casual Sex dating: Ask something.

A great conversation starter when sending a message is to comment on their profile. For example, if their profile picture shows them with a glass of red wine, ask if they like wine. If they mention that they like spanking, ask where and with what or if they like to spank.
This way, you show interest, break the ice and you open up the door to further conversation, leading to a casual sex date.

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7. Sex dating: Ask for a sex date.

You are on Xintimate to get laid, have a sex date or whatever adult dating activity you enjoy. So, ask when you can hookup for sex. Even better, ask if they are free for a fuck today or this weekend. Some people might be a bit shyer, a few messages / calls to and fro, until they feel confident enough for a sexual encounter. But be careful not to enter into a situation in which you are just messaging and never getting to an actual sex date.
You are not on Xintimate to find a relationship, but to fuck, to hookup for casual sex. So, get to the point early on when talking to other members.

8. Sex dating: Sexual Limits.

You might be into mutual masturbation, but not into fist fucking or you have a leather fetish but are not into BDSM. Maybe you want to hookup in public for a cup of tea before having sex. Maybe you prefer to have a sex date in a hotel. Whatever it is that you are into (or not): Be very clear and upfront about your sexual preferences! Also, be clear if you have any expectation with regards to hygiene or others being there.
Everyone has sexual limits, so state yours and request for theirs to enhance mutual understanding and respect. Nothing is more frustrating than having your sex date not live up to your expectations. Being clear about your expectations upfront will make sure that you will have awesome casual sex.

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9. Sex dating: Don’t be silly put a condom on your Willy!

When you get a child or an STD from your NSA sex date, things are all of a sudden not so NSA anymore. You must always practice safe sex; the consequences of unprotected sex can be nothing short of life-threatening. Be clear with potential sex dates that you will only participate in safe sex! Click here for more information on safe sex.