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1: Post at least 3 pictures.
2: Your profile picture should clearly show your face.
3: Dick-picks.
4: Groom well.
5: Get to the point!
6: Do you want to hook up for sex?
7: Be a Polly positive not a Nelly negative.
8: Honest Sex.
9: Have a complete Profile & get laid.

Pictures, the key to sex dating.

For you to get the sex dates of your dreams, you need the kind of profile that attracts others. An effective sex dating profile must have a clear picture of you as a profile picture.

“An effective sex dating profile needs pictures. A picture says more than 1000 words.”

When looking for casual sex people want to see with whom they will be hooking up. This does not mean that you have to look like a porn star to be successfully hookup for casual sex. Average looking people find sex dates all the time (99% of us are average looking anyway). It is just that people want to get a feeling of whom they are going to fuck.

Casual sex dating tip 1: Post at least 3 pictures.

You should post at least 3 pictures of yourself. Your profile picture, should clearly show your face. A picture of your entire body is not a good idea as a profile picture, as you will look very small in the search results. Your casual sex dating album should contain at least one picture showing your entire body and at least one picture that shows you involved in an activity. The activity could be anything; dancing, dining, attending a show or concert, riding a motorbike, being outdoors, you name it. The important thing is that people should see you in action.

It is a good idea to post more than three pictures, but 3 pictures are an absolute minimum. This will give others a clear impression of you and maximizes your chances of hooking for sex.


Casual sex dating tip 2: Your profile picture should clearly show your face.

Make sure to smile and look as if you are having fun when you take your pictures. Ask yourself: Would you hookup with someone with a nasty look on their face? What are you doing on Xintimate, if it is not for having sexy fun?

“Show your fun / sexy side!”

Do not hide behind, hats caps, sunglasses and make sure that your picture is not blurred; you need to be clearly visible. We understand that some people will not want to show their face on a sex dating site and that is fine. But understand that you will get fewer reactions and that you will need to approach others more proactive. You can also, create private albums (only visible to those whom you select) and can attach pictures to messages.

All eyes on you. Make sure there is nothing in your picture that draws attention from you. You want the attention to be on you, not on your car, pet, or on other people. If you post a picture with other people in it, make sure that it is very clear who you are! And that you have permission!

Casual sex dating tip 3: Dick-picks.

You could post a dick-pick , it is after the part we are all interested in. But don’t use a picture of your penis (or vagina) as a profile picture. A profile picture of your sexual organs will be one of many; a dick-pick will not make you stand out. So, save dick picks for your album.

Casual sex dating tip 4: Groom well.

The aim of being on Xintimate is to have physical, sexual contact with others. You are not on here to look for a pen pal but for casual sex. It is therefore important to be well groomed, clean and to show this in your pictures. No one wants to have a sex date with someone that has not taken a bath in days. So, put on a nice shirt, do your hair and smile!

Casual sex dating tip 5: Get to the point!

Pictures are the most important part of your sex dating profile. But what you write is also important. Get to the point! Your profile should clearly show who you are and what you are about. This will make it much easier for others to approach you. Someone interested in gay group sex, will not approach a woman who is into role-playing.

You should be clear about what makes you fun, great to be with, what interests you have and what type of sex date you are looking for, for example, Exhibitionism/ Sex In Public, Fetish’s (shoes, boots, tongues, body hair, etc.), gang bangs, Anal Sex etc. This helps others determine if they will approach you for a sex date; it will help you attract a like-minded sex date.

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Casual sex dating tip 6: Do you want to hook up for sex?

What are you looking for? A sex date! ‘Uhm, I am not sure about this sex dating thing..' ‘I am not good at creating a profile.' ‘I never know what to say.'' I have never been on an adult dating site before.' “I don’t know why I’m on an Adult dating site,” or “Does anyone actually read my online dating profile?” Countless members have these negative expressions of insecurity in their profiles. These phrases leave a bad taste in the mouths of your profile visitors.

Be positive: talk about what turns you on, what you do like, what you are good at, what you appreciate in life, what your sexual fantasies are. If you are not quite sure whether you want to be on an adult dating site or what you want from it, then please spend some time figuring it out before joining.

Casual sex dating tip 7: Be a Polly positive not a Nelly negative.

You are on this adult dating site to hookup for casual sex, in other words, to have a fucking good time. On Xintimate, you can leave your problems behind; this is not a place to talk about your dead cat, your painful divorce or your overdue bills. Also, do not get over opinionated, especially about topics such as religion, money, politics, sports and style: keep strong opinions or debatable topics to yourself. Remember, you are here for casual sex. Share what makes you fun and interesting to be with, leave all negativity or debatable topics out of your sex dating profile!

“There is nothing sexy about negativity.”
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Casual sex dating tip 8: Honest Sex.

Don’t mention anything that you cannot live up to. If you don’t quite have cup size double D or a 12-inch penis/ don’t mention it. You will fall through and end up looking foolish. No one likes used car salesmen, so don’t exaggerate or downright lie; it is just not sexy.

“Lying is not sexy.”

Casual sex dating tip 9: Have a complete Profile & get laid.

Complete your sex dating profile. No matter if you are looking for a Mutual Masturbation, Cross Dressing/Transvestism or Rough Sex (biting, breath play, hair pulling, etc.). Make sure to have pictures and a completely filled out profile! Do not beat around the bush; be very clear about what you want and who you are! It will help you find like-minded casual sex partners.