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I am / we are:
Glendale, Arizona, United States
Sexual Orientation:
I want to meet:
Men, Women 
About me:

I would like to have sex with a man and/or woman and have a 3 some or more with men and women!
I’m a non-operative trans woman. I’m 65 although most people think I’m in my 40s. I’m 5 foot 6 and about 160 pounds and I’m D & D free. I’m also so soft and smooth ALL over and it’s almost all girl, especially my forty two C breasts that I can look at and play with my nipples because I’m bare naked! I have to get and BE bare naked as soon as I get in my apartment door! I also have what I call my ‘sweet spot’ also known as the taint only my ‘sweet spot’ is as sensitive as woman’s pussy is to being fingered, and licked! MMMMMMmmmmmm!
I’ve trained my mind and body so I can have multiple, multiple, multiple, whole body orgasms! My whole body is an erogenous zone and I can come when virtually any part is stroked oh so lightly and sooooo slowly!
I would love to be sucking on your nice hard hot cock and licking your tasty balls, and when you cum I will swallow and rub the rest all over my body! I also want you to fuck what I call my back door pussy, anal [always with a rubber!]
I would also LOVE to be with a woman - our naked bodies and breasts rubbing against each other - heaven! Plus I really miss the taste of a nice hot pussy!
I love kissing, slowly at first, exploring how we want and need to be kissed -- then with so much passion -- deeply and urgently...
Also I was in a car accident and don't have a car anymore so you'd have to come to me in Rochester. It would be worth it! JoAnne

About you.:
Only send me a message if you can truly appreciate my female uniqueness, AND ARE serious about getting together. Sex should be fun and I WANT and NEED to be with someone who will treat me sexually as a woman as we explore and pleasure each other!
Looking for:
One night Stand, Expirimenting, Fuck Buddy 
I'm into:
Anal Sex, Fetishs (shoes, boots, tongues, body hair, etc.), Kissing