Adult dating. 1. How do you enjoy what you’ve never known?

Life had become one bleak, monotonous routine for Heidi. There was no excitement, no adrenaline rush, no thrill that would make goose bumps pop out on her skin. It was as tepid as the coffee she sipped on long dreary mornings after the children were dropped off at school.

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She had gotten married at the age of 18, when her classmates were attaining full sexual maturity and comparing the size of their tits every morning. She had always been the good one. She closed her ears when they discussed sex positions, and pierced her eyes into her books while they aspired to the excitement of lustful adult dating.

Four years and three kids later, she wished that she had paid slight attention. On her wedding night, she had been clueless. Her husband, Furo, had stared at her hairy pussy, then slid into it without a word. She bit back her lips and held back the searing pain. When he was done, he grunted, emptied himself, then turned to face the other side of the bed.

When she tried to be adventurous in the months that followed, he had stared at her with incredulity and disgust, such that she retreated into a cocoon of celibacy in her mind, and refused to come out. She simply gave herself to him anytime he asked, stiffened her body and thoroughly detached herself until he was done. And oh, how he asked stupid questions. He would twirl her tits like door knobs and ask in a raspy dinner tainted breath; “Now how do you like that, huh?”

She would reply in the affirmative and a cloud of disappointment would pass his face. He was always expecting her to moan to the high heavens like how the stars in the porn for women he watched moaned. She often imagined if things could have turned out differently. If she had met him in a nightclub, if there was mania, fire, and passion. If they had met on a hookup site and had casual sex on the first night. If only wishes were horses.

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Since their sex life was mundane, devoid of new sex positions, and she practically gave him free sex anytime he wanted (Free sex because she never felt a thing), she had concomitantly taken to dressing like an inuit. She had been that way, till now.

She had begun to feel kinky of late. She traced his sleeping form with her slender fingers, and twirled the hair on his chest. He did not stir from his slumber.

She took the bull by the horns by raising the duvet and pulling down his shorts to give him a blow job. She had spent all day reading and watching tutorials on how to give one.

She slid his dick I to her mouth and bobbed on it slowly in fluid motions. The girl in the simulated video had mentioned that some men loved to get their balls licked. She took his dick in deeper into her mouth. She was about halfway through it when she gagged. Her hard palate was assaulted by the size of the foreign phallus. It tickled her throat and almost made her lose her dinner, and she retched.

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“What are you doing!” Furo burst out. He swung his leg over the bed, barely missing her face with his fungal smelling foot. His voice was gruff with indifference as he addressed her. He didn’t want any of such ‘stupid’ surprises. He added that blow jobs were the works of Satan, and Heidi wondered how he knew that.

They climbed back into bed, but the want was like a deep ache in Heidi’s wet pussy.
It pulsated upwards into her torso and made its way along her extremities. She tried to place his hands on her tit, and he withdrew it as if he had touched hot coal.

Furo had refused to touch her, not even with his lips on hers. She took solace in the fact that the lay together and they shared a string of air between them. She tried to breathe in every breath he exhaled. It was the closest thing to intimacy, so she clung to it like a dog lapping up shit. As though he were aware of this, Furious turned to his side and left her to her own devices. She signed and drifted off into a troubled sleep.

Hookup Site. 2. The unfurling.

The next morning, she carried out the routine just she had always done for the last four years.

She fixed breakfast and sterilized the kids’ cutleries for lunch at school. She pressed tiny uniforms and polished equally tiny school shoes. She smoothened out Furo’s work clothes and made his coffee just how he liked it– with a ridiculously high amount of sugar. She bathed the children and watched them hop into the school bus, then gave Furo a perfunctory kiss that bellied her disappointment and sexual starvation.

When everyone had left, she stood in front of the mirror in the masters bedroom and stripped. She stared at herself long and hard, before the tears began to drop. She was young and supple. Nubile. Virile.

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Her tiny tits were perky, and her stomach firm. Her smooth long legs bordered her sparse hairy pussy, and she wished for nothing more than to be appreciated. She caressed her butt and touched herself all over. A foreign tingling sensation spread up her thighs and she groaned with want. All she wanted, all she craved at that very moment was some hardcore casual sex with anybody that smelled nice at least.

Suddenly, an idea popped into her head like the devil’s suggestion. It was enticing, and she held onto it it.

With her heart pounding, she walked briskly to the dining where her phone was plugged. She had never walked around the house naked, and the thought that someone would walk in assailed her.

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She had an appointment with the family pastor today, but she pushed it to the recesses of her mind. The way he counseled marriages even when his own was fallinf to pieces made her face contort with disgust. It was the pastor’s wife what had advised her to submit herself wholly to Furo, to pray over his semen as she wiped herself, and to avoid using condoms. Now she was saddled with three kids.

She picked up the phone with trembling hands and went back into the room. She typed in, ‘casual sex’ into the search box. A list of definitions and websites stating the pros and cons popped up.

She shook her head and typed in free sex. She prayed fervently that her search wouldn’t suddenly appear as ads. “Crazy algorithms.” She muttered. Furo checked her phone every night, and she made it a priority to clear her search history, even when all she searched was food recipes and life hacks for mothers. Social media was not permitted.

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Free sex showed a list of porn sites and suggestions for high definition porn videos with the promise of various sex positions. The porn for women tickled Heidi’s fancy, but she shrunk from it, a little petrified.

Finally, she inputted, ‘Hook up sites in Houston.’ Soon, she was pushed into a vortex of red and white web pages and texts that promised love, companionship, adult dating, free sex and even marriage. Before long, she had set up an account with one of them and uploaded a profile picture. It was a cropped picture. Beside her smiling face framed by expensive Bolivian hair was Furo’s grim profile. She had cropped him off with the slash of editing, and it was almost symbolic. She was indeed cutting him out of this new, thrilling sexual escapade she was about to embark on. She threw herself on the bed and giggled like she was 18, and a member of one of the bad girl gang in her class that she had strictly shunned once.

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Heidi began to bloom like a flower in the days that followed. A man had indicated interest just an hour after she had completed her profile. When she saw it, she had shut the phone in fear, and when she regained herself, she cleared her entire search history.

She looked forward to returning to her phone, as she went about other businesses. Furo was oblivious to this new change, and life went on as usual. When everyone had stepped out the next morning, she resumed her delve into the world of adult dating.

She loved to text him naked. It had become a ritual of some sort, and the esoterism tickled her fancy. He asked sultry questions and with every exchange, her hairy pussy came alive with a warm fluid announcing its hunger.

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Some days, she refused to go back to her phone. The gravity of her new found freedom would weigh down on her shoulders like boulders. Like a sacrilege. An anathema. But she couldn’t stay away for too long.

He asked her about books she had read, what she did for a living and her level of education. A hot flush rose to Heidi’s cheeks, and she typed the truth with hands that trembled. Being a wife and a mother was everything she had ever known, and she was tired of conforming. She didn’t want to die this way.

As if the reply had impressed him greatly, he finally asked if they could meet.

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Casual sex 3. Turning and turning in a widening gyre.

Heidi rushed through her schedule in a haze. She had an our to visit the open market, and another to get dressed for the meeting with Derek.

She picked up her shopping bag and ventured into her car. The market was within walking distance, but she had to conserve every precious second. She rode through bet9ja stores, road side kiosks and the occasional provision stores. Soon, she was neck deep and maneuvering her way through the throng of people that had come to buy and sell.

She looked briefly at the old women who sold fish and fresh tomatoes. Their sagging tits drooped against their buba, and their frail looking but energetic arms sliced through slippery chunks of ice fish. Heidi wondered about them. She wondered if they knew what adult dating was, outside of their imposed marriages. She wondered if they had ever been fingered, if they had ever known a sex position outside missionary, if they had gotten drunk and engaged in casual sex to men whose faces were now forgotten, if they had offered free sex to complete strangers, if they had ever enjoyed multiple orgasms. She wondered if clumps of dirt had formed on their hairy pussy. She paused and remembered that she had to wax. She had a hairy pussy too.

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She looked at their crooked smile and realize that maybe, these women were more sexually liberated that she was, and she was ironically the one with the young body. The looks, and the money, even though it trickled from Furo’s palms to hers.

She left the market as quickly as she had arrived. Back home, she threw the key on the sofa, washed, cooked, and froze the meat and fish, before realising she had done it without adding salt. She shrugged and stepped into the shower.

The water was warm on her skin, and she let it wash off the smell of spice, grime, and the aura of being so sexually constrained.

She waxed, filed off calcified toe nails, and applied makeup for the first time that year. She only applied makeup on special occasions like birthdays and Christmas.

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They met at a lone café, nestled between the town’s mall, and a newly established fancy hotel.

She stepped into the dimly lit café and heads turned in her direction. She basked in their attention and looked straight ahead at the trim man sitting on a round plush seat.

He rolled up his sleeves and that action sent her heart lurching. He was in his mid-fifties but years of exercising and perhaps, eating right, had kept him looking young and healthy. Only the salt and pepper goatee gave him away, and even that was incredibly sexy.

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He hugged her and Heidi caught a whiff of some heady perfume she couldn’t name. She held on to him for a little longer, pressing her bosoms into his solid frame.

It was an instantaneous attraction. Like the passage of time, the setting of the sun, the flapping wings of exotic birds, the constellation of stars, the rotation of the earth on its axis, had all arranged for the meeting to happen.

She broke the hug and they both sat down on the plush furniture.

“I am thrilled to see you, Heidi.” He said.

They had never spoken over the phone, so his voice threw her off balance.

His baritone combined with the right decibels, made her weak in the knees. His voice was like silk and hard rocks. Like milk and vodka. Rough and soothing, hard yet compassionate.

She found it easy to talk to him over hot chocolate. As they spoke, she couldn’t deny the tension that hung like a palpable force. He told her about his only child studying robotics at MIT, about the open relationship he had with his wife, and how it had helped their marriage last so long. It wad a mutual agreement that correlated with their personalities.

Heidi listened with rapt attention and trembled each time their knees brushed. His gestures were lacquered in gold and charisma.

“Heidi?” He called.

She stared at him with a quizzical expression on her face. She had been absent minded and absorbed in taking in all his features. She would engrave them in her heart if she could.

“I’m sorry, you were saying something about the cafés if the champs- Elysées?”

Derek chuckled. “Maybe.”

They sat staring at each other for a while.

“We should go somewhere else now.” Derek said in a rush of breath.

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Heidi concurred and they drove off in his car. He maneuvered his way through the well paved street that led to a private housing that overlooked the sea. They did not say a word throughout the ride, but their hunger shrieked in deafening decibels.

He parked in the driveway, and they zipped to the front door. Derek placed his pupils at level with a glass hole and it turned green and the door slid open.

Heidi couldn’t wait.

She turned around and let the sheer black dress she wore drop to the floor. She stood stark naked and shot a daring look at Derek.

He ran both arms through his hair. He hadn’t expected such outright openness, and God damn it, she was beautiful.

He took two steps and stood few inches away from her. Her skin was soft, her hurried breathing was faint still. She was delicate, so delicate he felt she would break if he tried too hard.

“No wheedling?” He whispered.

She looked up at him with parts lips.


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She was soft, but she was a glowing orb of fiery energy. She placed his huge hands on her tiny tits and began unbuttoning his shirt hurriedly. Derek kissed her when she was done, and together, they moved around the house in a frenzy. He was equally stripped to his shorts now, and the softness of the cotton rubber against her skin.

He pinned her to the wall, hands up and hair thrown across her shoulders and between her breasts.

His groin grazed her bottom teasingly, and sweat trickled down her back despite the air conditioner. She trembled and shook like a leaf tossed by a light wind. He teased till she begged in subdued whispers.

He slid into her from behind, and she moaned with every stroke. Her muscles loosened up and she felt like jelly. They reached a climax in a few minutes, and Heidi slid down to the floor.

Derek squatted to her level and held her hands in his.

“Now how did that feel?”

“Awesome, I guess.” She whispered.

“Well, we are just getting started.” He paused and stroked her cheeks with a finger. “He doesn’t take care of you.” He added. She lowered her eyelids and waited for his next words.

He drew her up and held her waist. “Today, Heidi. I’ll teach you how to make love.”

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Free Sex 4. Learning, unlearning, and the morphing.

He led her to a vast bedroom that had a large ping pong size glass table by the side. A bunch of white roses was in a transparent vase filled with water. Near the TV, two arm chairs upholstered in blue corduroy, were tilted slightly towards each other.

Derek said her on the bed and faced her.

“So, I want you to talk to me. I want you to be vocal about how it makes you feel, about what you want, your likes and dislikes. I want you to tell me when it hurts and when it pleases you. Can you do that?”

She nodded and stared at him with large doleful eyes.

“Great, I’ll be doing the same.”

He laid her down gently and placed a kiss on her forehead.

“Have you ever masturbated?”

She froze.

“No.” She replied tonelessly.

“That’s a sad one. It’s your body. You should know what makes it happy. Own it.”

He placed a kiss on her cheeks and tongue fucked her ears.

She writhed on the sheets and moaned.

“Heard of the Kama sutra?” He whisper into her ears.

“No, what’s that?”

“It’s basically a book for couples. Contains varying sex positions and advice for the intricacies of adult dating.”

He kissed her neck and proceeded to suck on it. A hickey formed in no time.

He went down to her tits and kissed them, sucked on them, and rolled his tongue around her nipples alternatively. They stood erect as he manipulated them, and Heidi clutched his back.

“Ever seen porn for women?”

“No, but I attempted. Couldn’t bring myself to do it.”

He looked up at her. “Now that’s a point for progression.”

He drew her legs up and stuck his tongue into the crevice in her once hairy pussy.
It was smooth now and moist pink flesh and white fluid peeked out of the expanse between her legs.

He found her clit and sucked on it. She gasped and clutched the sheets till her knuckles almost showed white against her skin. Derek propped her buttocks on his arms and ate her pussy with reckless abandon. He opened up places within her that she was oblivious to. His goatee dripped with fluid and Heidi was drove to tears. The force of it, the pleasure, the sin, the pure unadulterated lust and unrestrained desire made her shiver. A tingle formed in her arms and crept into the base of her belly.

Derek rubbed his lips over her vulva and shook them. A high pitched moan erupted from Heidi, and she shuffled her feet on the bed.

Derek raised his head. “What do you think about casual sex?”

“I want it. I want it hard.”

“Hook up sites?”

“Love them.”


“I’d feature in one with you.”

“Porn for women?”

“Perhaps, experimentally.”

Derek smiled.

He slid his middle and index finger into her once hairy pussy, and his thumb on her clit.
He pushed and rubbed, encircled and made a ‘come’ sign with the fingers caught in her pussy.

Heidi’s mind exploded into a million different constellations of stars. She tried to scream and instead, threw a pillow over her mouth and let out a muffled scream.

Derek’s free hand brushed her tits as he removed the pillow.

“Scream if you want. Unapologetically.”

He drew out his fingers and slowly slid into her wet pussy with his dick. He went slow paced, stroking, thrusting carefully, and pausing to note Heidi’s reaction.

Then he went faster, thrusting quickly, and hitting angles that drew moans from Heidi.

“Oh God! Fuck my brains out…” She groaned.

A budding pleasure grew in Heidi’s lower abdomen. It stretched across her legs and all over her body. She writhed in the throes of passion and was left speechless when they climaxed. Derek slid out amd a projectile of colourless cum shot out of Heidi’s pussy.

Derek rubber the inside of her thighs as they laid down, exhausted. Heidi stared at the ceiling and true to process what she felt. The tingle was still there, her body still trembled slightly, and her brain was awash with a new sensation. She could imagine synapses between neurons becoming potentiated and glowing with new found electrical energy.

She began to laugh.

“It’s a crazy world.”

“What’s crazy about it?”

“The things that are most pleasurable are forbidden.” She turned to face him. “Tell me why?”

Derek sighed.

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“Life is what we make of it you know. Heidi, as a woman, you have some crazy energy in there that I can’t even contend with. You are water, you are fire, you are quintessence. You make the world go round. You breathe life into death, and virility into impotency. Listen, you can break those shackles if you want to. You can leave Furo if you want. You’ll get the kids, my lawyer would make sure of it. Take an online course or learn a skill. You could even continue your education with the profits. You are smart and beautiful with a whole life ahead of you, and Furo does not deserve you.

“You should go out. Travel more. I’ll cover the expenses of you want. Have casual sex with some French dude in the Louvre. Shove hairy pussy in his face. Visit more hookup sites and avoid boring adult dating if it isn’t for you. Have a personal collection of porn for women, and do whatever the hell you want to. Run a hookup site for sexually starved married women if you want to.”

Heidi laughed.

“It all sounds so easy coming from you. I’m used to stifling and supressing my wants. I can’t wake up and suddenly change. But I guess I’ll do so slowly.”

“Yea. First of all, Heidi. What do you think about the concept of free sex?”

“Free sex? Well, it’s basically what I give my husband every night he gets horny. I get nothing in return, as I am bound by a matrimonial duty to open up whenever he nudges, and bound by the will of the church to never indulge in sex positions that aren’t natural. Missionary trumps all. Free sex is what happens when a sex worker doesn’t get paid. Free sex is basically, well, practiced by women around the world. It happens in most adult dating. Women take shit you know. Old and young, fat and skinny, saggy or firm tits, sleek or hairy pussy. Whether you meet in church or in a hookup site, it’s all the same.”

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Derek stared at her for a moment, then laughed hard till he began to cough.

“It’s not funny!” She protested.

“Okay, I apologize.” A smile still lingered on his face. “Listen, Heidi. You don’t give yourself to a man. Sex is a mutual and consensual act. You both enjoyed it and you shouldn’t be judged for mutual pleasure. As for Furo, well, I believe the choice is yours to make. You’re 22. Leave, or stay. Il advise you to do the former.

“And speaking of sexual positions, I want you to dominate.”

He grinned lecherously, as Heidi climbed over him and straddled him with her thighs.

They went at it again, and this time, Heidi did not hide her moans. Her tits bounced as she rode his dick. Derek placed his hands on her waist and they both trembled in unison. His hardness hit her moist softness, and the heat from humping made their eyes shimmer with desire.

Hot white fluid, slapping motions, legs straddling flesh, quivering muscles, lips on the lips of her pussy, bobbing head on a hard dick dripping with cum, multiple squirts, mouth on nipples, tongue on skin, rimming, pegging, fingering, a yearning. Tongue fucking, a session in the shower as Derek slid a soap in and out of her wet pussy with her hands above her head and held in his grip, a blinding climax, a beginning.

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Adult dating. 5. How butterflies become dragons.

Heidi had forgotten to pick up the kids.......

Her heart constricted as she climbed up the stairs that led to the house. On the way back, she had tried to stream porn for women on some stranger website. She was only 20 seconds in when she switched the phone off. Her mind wandered as she saw young handsome men around the city. She had somehow been blind to them all the while she was married and fucking only Furo. The idea of casual sex hung tentatively on her mind, and she wondered if her rendezvous left imprints on her skin. She instinctively adjusted the scarf she had bought on the way to hide the hickey on her neck. Her nipples were still hard pebbles on her tits, and the memories of the foreign sex positions and porn for women clung to her mind.

As expected, Furo was Furious. The kids were taking an evening siesta, so they fought in hushed tones.

“Where were you!” He snarled.

“I went to get a job. I’m not your puppet.”

“I take good care of you, you don’t need a job. The kids and the housekeeping are enough.”

She stared at him with narrowed eyes, seething with rage. “Your care be hanged.”

“I know what you do, Furo. You waited till I turned 18, so you could snatch me from my gullible parents, to satiate your depraved desires. You like when I keep a hairy pussy because it hides your disgusting shriveled up dick. You revel in the fact that you control my every movement. You are averse to other sex positions because you never want me pleasured!

“Did we ever date? Do you even know the meaning of adult dating? Do you know I have never experienced real sex all my life? I’m sure you go about having casual sex with strangers while I rot at home. I bet you can’t try out new sex positions because your dick and hormones are damaged by that awful sugary coffee you take. I’m on a hookup site, FYI. So have fun masturbating or whatever.”

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“You don’t have to do this.” Furo pleaded.

“Shut up! You fucking bottom denominator. Just shut the fuck up and learn how to love a woman. Look up adult dating 101 on google. Learn new sex positions.”

She banged the door in his face and took a hot shower.


Heidi opened social media accounts and began to work from home. She kept in touch with Derek, and they met to have casual sex occasionally. She concentrated on the kids and dated men aged 25 and above. She also visited hookup sites once in a while, and learn the rigours of adult dating. She didn’t want it, but she kept searching.

On a particular hookup site, she met someone whom she was instantly attracted to like a magnet. His name was Jim.

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Jim was an aerospace engineer and operations technician. He had mentioned that he lived in Boston, and was about commencing his masters. Heidi was excited at the prospects of dating someone who lived quite far away.

They talked for months and Heidi was open about who she was, her kids, and her marriage that was on the rocks. Jim seemed to have no problems with it. Nudes were exchanged and Heidi fell in love with his body. She didn’t fantasize about casual sex as often as she used to, because she wanted him all to herself. She had the hookup site, Derek, and Furo to thank for the serendipity that had occurred. From sexually starved to liberated, and now serenaded by a man who looked like he had it all together, and who was actually interested in adult dating. Heidi began to change her mind, and once in a while, the idea of getting a divorce dangled in her subconscious.

She texted Derek that she was coming over to his office to discuss, and he obliged.

Heidi picked up the car keys and drove at high speed. Her life had become oddly bacchanal, and she liked it. It was as thought she was making up for lost years, and trying to live fast before she died.

She got to the huge office and went in, flashing a smile at his pious looking secretary.

Derek was delighted to see her. He offered her tea, and crushed his lips on hers in a possessive kiss. Heidi giggled and sat crossed led on the settee.

“I have something to tell you.”

“Oh please do. Sometimes I really think I should get paid for being your life coach. Or get laid. Anything is welcome.”

The duo laughed. Heidi’s was awkward.

“Well, I met someone on a hookup site.”

“Really!” He exclaimed. “Casual sex or intimate adult dating?”

“What the hell, Derek! We haven’t even met. We started talking two months ago. Although, we sext a lot. He lives in Boston.”

“You’re a really naughty girl, Heidi. Sexting after two months. What would Furo think of that, Huh?”

Derek looked bemused. “Anyway, what does he do, think new guy?” He added.

“He is an aeronautics engineer, and all of those high tech things. He also programs as a side skill. Isn’t that cool? I see silicon valley and greens.”

Derek doubled over with laughter. “I am teaching you to be independent, not to be a gold digger.”

“I’m not!” She protested. “So, thanks to that hookup site, I met an awesome guy. He’s about commencing his masters too.”

“That’s interesting. My dear Jim is about to start his too.”

Heidi froze. Her mind tumbled in different directions, and fear consumed her. “His name is Jim?”

“Yea. Why?”

“Well, I’m talking about a Jim too.” She rose to show him a picture.

Derek held the phone flippantly and smiled. “Well, I am not averse to sharing.”

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