The following weekend, Jason and Jessica scheduled to spend the day together. Jessica invited him over to her place because she wanted to cook. Her son had a weekend sleepover, so she had the whole house to herself. She also hinted that they might be seeing movies if they had all day to spend. Jason picked up a Porn DVD and took it along with him. Jessica was almost finished with her cooking when Jason got to her house.

“Hi, this place smells good; you look good; your house looks beautiful.”“Which of the three is the best for you?” “Definitely you,” Jason said as he hugged and planted a kiss on her lips.

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They settled down to enjoy the meal of spaghetti and roasted chicken that Jessica had prepared. After the meal, they sat in the living room talking about different things from work, background, family and the likes. Jessica was trying to find a movie to play on Netflix. She had seen most of them then Jason asked her, “Does your DVD player work?”“Yes, it does. I don’t have any recent movie on DVD.”


“Nah, don’t worry. I already sorted us out.” Jason replied and brought out the DVD from his blazer pocket and slotted it into the DVD player. He knew a long time ago that one of the most effective ways to get a taste of a MILF’s pussy is to watch some porn with her. The DVD started playing on Jessica’s large display television. Jason reduced the sound, and he drew Jessica closer to him on the couch.He looked into her eyes, and he saw the sexiest pair of eyes he had ever seen in his entire life. Her soft cologne drew him in, and he unconsciously locked her lips with hers, and they kissed each other passionately. She took off his blazer and shirt. Jason also took off her big sweater, and she had nothing underneath the sweater. He pulled down her jeans and
again, she had no panties on.

By now she had unzipped Jason’s trousers and brought out his dick. Jason was already hard, and Jessica dropped to her knees and started
sucking his dick.She stuffed all of his dick in her mouth and made sweet gobbling and sweet moans. She massaged his balls while she kept sucking the dick. She made him sit down and raised his legs which he yielded to. She trailed her tongue towards his but thole and licked the entire area. Jason closed his eyes in ecstasy as she performed wonders with her mouth.

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Jason has never experienced that type of blowjob in his whole life. She pushed Jason to lie on the couch and climbed the couch with him. She sat on his face and started grinding her pussy against his mouth. Her pussy juice flowed freely, and Jason took all of her and used his tongue to reach her innermost parts. Jessica is one MILF that knows
exactly what she is doing. She got up from sitting on Jason’s face and slid down his stomach and assumed the cowgirl position. All she wanted was his dick inside her and Jason, being the hot stud that he is was ready to go for the kill as well. Her pussy was dripping wet, and right there, she slid his dick into her pussy.

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She gasped when she felt the thickness of his dick. She began to ride him cowgirl style for the next couple of minutes. Jason turned her around and bent her over and started fucking her from behind, doggy style. She twerked on his dick, and it was the best sex he has had.She kept gliding her pussy over his dick while Jason tried to keep up with the pace. She moaned loudly, and her legs began to shake as she came on his dick. Her wet pussy flowed freely, and Jason could hardly keep his dick in because it was slippery wet.By the time Jason checked his time, time was already fast spent, and it was afternoon already. He had an appointment, and he quickly cleaned up and took his leave. When he got home, he chatted with Jessica, and they planned to see the next day again. The last message Jessica sent to him read, “I have a wonderful surprise for you tomorrow.”

******The next day came, and Jason drove down to Jessica’s house. All he kept replaying in his head were the naughty things Jessica kept mentioning in their sex chat the previous night. She even hinted at fucking her in the ass as one of her fantasies during her sex chat, and she would like to try it out with me. He could not stop thinking about fucking a MILF anal and Jessica wouldn’t be a bad idea of the person to try it with.


He had no idea what kind of surprise Jessica had in store for him and the sex from the previous day kept replaying in his head so much that his dick throbbed. Then he began to think whether he would like to pursue a relationship with her or just keep it strictly sexual. He was not sure, and he did not want to think about it. If that sexy woman would fuck his brains out again on this day for the second time, so be it. He will not concern himself with what the future may look like. Everything about her feels like a dream. A horny single mother that probably has not been touched in months. He would not deny how physically attractive she is, and smart too.

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The thoughts about making her his official girlfriend came rushing in again, but he dismissed it quickly. A moderate-height hot brunette with curves in all of the right places; firm breasts, onion booty and slutty enough in bed. He knows he would be crazy to let her go after fucking her a few times.Her breasts are firm and well-rounded; almost looking like implants but they are 100 percent real. There are specks of stretchmarks on them which came as a result of breastfeeding her son. He could not stop thinking about how the breasts were bouncing up and down when she rode his dick the previous day.

He arrived at her house and parked his car on one side of the road that ran through the front of the house. He walked in and gave her a hug and a peck. She told him to have a seat on the couch, sat beside him and started rubbing him from his head down to his chest and his dick. Jason already had an erection. She began to undress him, and when he was totally naked, she took him by the hand and led him into the bedroom. “Come and see the surprise I have for you,” she said.

Jason followed her because he had noticed that she loves to take control and be in charge. He got into the bedroom and found another insanely young woman sprawled on the bed naked in one of the sultriest poses that Jason had ever seen in his life. He was shocked, and he didn’t know when he muttered, “What?” with his mouth open and erect dick in between his thighs.

He came to fuck the hot MILF that he just met and here he was facing another MILF pussy. “Threesome?” he thought. He has always fantasized about having a threesome in his life. “Are you surprised?” Jessica asked.“What! Are you kidding me? Fuck, yes, I am.”“Well, I checked out your profile on xintimate, and I saw that you listed threesome as one of the things you would love to try out and I felt I could make that happen.”

“Wow! This is fucking unbelievable.”“Are we fucking or not?” The other lady on the bed interrupted them.“Fuck yes! We are fucking.” Jason replied and climbed on the bed.

“I’m Abby.” The other lady said as she rose up to meet Jason halfway and grabbed his dick. Jessica took a seat on an armchair in the room.Abbylooks just as hot and sexy as Jessica. Dark-haired, round ass, and perky tits. Jason thanked his lucky stars. He would be fucking two MILFs who were horny and could use a hot stud like him.Abby started sucking his dick. “Jess, why don’t you come over and suck his balls.” She said to Jessica who had started rubbing her pussy.

Jason laid on the bed as Jessica and Abby knelt beside him and workedhis dick with their mouth. They both kissed and licked his dick. Jason fondled their breasts through it all. Abby switched position and sat on Jason’s face so he could suck her pussy while Jessica glided her pussy over Jason’s dick. Jessica began to ride Jason while Abby was moaning loudly as Jason worked his tongue all over her pussy. They were both extremely aroused and horny. Jason was having the best moment in his life, and it was driving him wild too. Jessica was so wet. “Don’t make him cum. I want to have a feel of his dick fresh and hard.” Abby said.

Abby came over and changed position with Jessica and started riding Jason. Jason tried to match her pace as she rode his dick. He thrust his dick deep into her pussy while he sank his tongue into the corners of Jessica’s pussy. In a minute Jessica started shaking and was screaming loudly, “I’m cumming.” This turned Jason on so much that he could not hold his cum any longer. His legs started shaking vigorously too as he blew all of his load into Abby’s pussy. It was so intense that Abby herself enjoyed the feeling as Jason was so hard as he blew his cum into her pussy. She started shaking too and was begging Jason not to stop cumming. Abby’s wet pussy was exploding around his dick, and in a couple of seconds, Jason had exhausted his load. Jessica had fallen flat on the bed exhausted, and Jason’s face was soaked wet. Jessica had squirted all over him.

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“Please fuck me from behind,” Jessica said as she bent on all fours and threw her ass up invitingly. Jason was weak, but the sight of Abby’s
ass made his dick respond. He got up and drove his dick into her pussy and began to pound her hard. Doggy style is his favorite sex position, and no way was he going to disappoint her. He fucked her with all of the energy left in him, and he enjoyed as she twerked on his dick, he went at it for over ten minutes until Abby started screaming “Louder,” and she came too. Jason did not cum because he had only cum a few minutes ago. The two ladies lay exhausted on the bed and Jason fell on the bed too. They all slept off almost instantly.