A lot of guys have this fantasy about getting down with an older woman, but not many of them get to achieve this. Most people do not realize that getting down with a MILF is beyond having bad boy tendencies. You need to have something unique to turn a MILF on and this is usually something that no one can really predict.

The good thing about getting down with a MILF is that it is usually free sex; so, on both sides, it is a clear case of two people getting the most out of each other’s bodies. Isn’t that what everyone wants? A MILF is most likely not looking for a relationship and probably has children too. She may even be married; therefore, you may not have to worry about all of those. It is often typically two people who just enjoy fucking each other.

While we all want to get down with a MILF but not many of us actually know how to go about it, let’s see how Jason did it with Jessica. Jason did not exactly know what Jessica wanted, and he was not sure how best to seduce her, but he did it all the same.

Be in good physical shape Jason spends most of his time at the gym trying to keep up with his gym schedule and his desired body goals. One evening, after his gym session, he went into a nearby local bar. Jessica was at the bar, and she looked incredibly hot that evening.

She had a great body; perky ass and nice tits and seemed really bored. Jason sauntered into the bar flexing his muscles and looked around to find somewhere to sit. His eyes met with Jessica’s, and for a moment, he wondered who she was because she looked quite familiar, but he was unable to figure out where he knew her. Jessica was on her phone so immediately her eyes met his, she was back on her phone. Jason sat next to her and caught a glimpse of her phone; she was on www.xintimate.com, a dating site he was on too. That explains where he had seen her before. He took his phone out too and logged into his account and went to the MILF section. He found her, noted her name and added her as a friend. He summoned all the courage in him, cleared his throat and said to her, “Hi Jessica.”

Fucking a milf

She looked up at him questioningly wondering how he knew her name. Jason gave her his best smile and said, “I know you.” She kept staring at him with her lightly made-up face questioningly. “Are you as bored as I am this evening?” “Well, if you have a husband stressing the hell out of you, then I am,” Jessica responded. Jason burst into laughter, “No, I don’t, but I’m sure I cannot give you any further stress.” Jason said.

Jessica smiled, and that was all the cue he needed for him to know that he was making headway. He fixed his eyes on her round, firm breasts and from what he could see, she would be in her late thirties. Probablykids? He did not want to know. Usually, he would stay away from older women because it is usually hard to tell what they want, but given that he had seen Jessica on www.xintimate.com and she is giving all sorts of seductively inviting vibes, and he also knows older women go for what they want, he decided to draw her in.

He moved closer to her with the inside of his thighs brushing against the inside of hers and Jason asked her if she wanted more drinks. She nodded and then her phone rang. She answered it, and after the call, shetold him she needed to go. “Can I have your number?” Jason asked.“No, I’ll give you on xintimate. Add me up and chat me up.” She replied as Jason watched her bubble butts swinging from side to side in the sexiest way he has ever seen a woman.

Jason smiled. He logged on to the hookup site, xintimate.com to find her profile. He spent the rest of the evening searching for her profile, and he did not find it until the next day.

Send her sexy pictures Jason added Jessica up and sent her a message of his muscles and abs with the caption, “Remember me?”“Are you always this vain?”“Only when I’m with a sexy woman I would like to get down with.”“Well, what makes you think I would like to get down with you?”“I don’t know. Do I get to have such luck?“Well, let’s see. What are you working with?”

Jason did not hesitate to whip his dick out of his joggers then, took a picture of it and sent it to her. Jessica replied with the “shocked” emoji, “I did not see that coming.”“Told you you’re driving me nuts and I just want to nut inside you,” Jason replied.“Oh Damn, you are smooth boy!” Jessica replied.

“It’s a specialty, and I intend to blow your mind.”“Looking forward to that,” Jessica said.Have manners and show her that you are educated on a variety of topics.

The next day, Jason and Jessica met at a restaurant for dinner, and as usual, Jessica looked every bit of hot, sexy and this time dressed
corporately. She was coming from work, a bank and she settled for only a pack of juice while they talked about different things. “So, is there a man willing to throw all of this sexiness away?”

“He threw it away already. We had a child together, he did not want anything to do with us, and now he suddenly wants to be in our lives five years later.”“That’s fucked up. I’ll only tell you to do whatever makes you genuinely happy.”“Yeah. There is nothing to talk about. I’m leaving him right where he is.”

They went on to talk about a lot of other things, and Jason ensured that he showed that he could hold his own during intelligent conversations. Even Jessica was surprised. “I have never met an intelligent man at the gym.”“Neither have I met someone from the corporate world as naughty as you are.” He said. “You are one hell of a sexy MILF, and I would not mind showing you where I live.”Don’t be shy and take the lead.

Jason was open about his intentions for Jessica right from the onset. He let her know he found her incredibly attractive and was willing to take it all the way with her to enjoy that sexiness. Luckily for him, she was open to that, and she found him attractive too. So, when Jason offered to take her back to his home, she did not object. “I do not have much time to spend out because I have to pick up my son from my mum’s.”“When do you pick him up?”“Two hours.”

“I’m sure we’ll make it. I do not plan to take your time.” He responded and got up from his chair. He took her by her hand and walked out of the restaurant. They drove in Jessica’s car to his apartment which was just a few blocks from the restaurant. Throughout the short drive, Jason kept teasing her and rubbing her thighs lightly. She did not stop him as she blushed each time Jason touched her and whispered into her ear. She looked so hot and sexy, but by the time they got into Jason’s apartment, she looked more ravishing. Immediately they got through the front door, he grabbed her by the waist and pinned her to the wall with his body and kissed her passionately.

She was shocked, but she got over it quickly by kissing him back. She pushed her tongue into his mouth unzipped his boxers and played with his dick. His dick got rock hard, and he slid his hand under her blouse and bra and took hold of her breast.She moaned as Jason’s hand touched her breast and she definitely loved the feel of his dick in her hand. Jason unhooked her bra and placed his mouth on her nipples one after the other and started sucking her breasts.

She moaned, and Jason got harder. All he wanted to do was pull up her skirt and thrust deep into her pussy, but he knew he did not have all of that time, and he definitely did not want a quickie with her.He slid his hand up her thighs and felt her panties. His hand touched her pussy, and he could feel it was the dripping wetness. He lifted her and placed her gently on the couch. He rolled up her skirt and took off her pant and buried his head in between her legs. She tasted heavenly.

He felt like he won a lottery at that moment. Getting down with a sexy MILF like Jessica surely was on his bucket list, but he never thought it would happen this way. She
probably had been without sex for quite some time, and he came as a sort of fresh air in her life. He kept sucking her wet pussy, and he watched her as she surrendered completely to him and writhed beneath him in pure ecstasy. All he needed was to slide his dick into that wet pussy but he would not. He had successfully reached her soft spot and perhaps they would take things further sometime soon. Her phone rang, and it was her mum. She called to inform her that she would be taking Jessica’s child to meet her at home.

Jason knew it was time for her to leave and he left her pussy still dripping wet. She looked dejected but he knew there would be another day and he had done everything to make that other day happen. He would finally get to fuck a MILF which is his lifelong dream.

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Even though Jason met Jessica at a bar, he had previously seen her profile on www.xintimate.com as one of the MILFS in his location. He successfully hit on her and was able to seduce her to want to have sex with her.