The group chat was erotically popping that night, the sex chat was simply fire! The social media group that they were on consisted of four people, two men and two woman who occasionally came together on the platform to sex chat. It used to be fairly erotic on most days, but that particular night, it was just extra juicy. They were chatting about group sex.

Anita, one of the two women on there had suggested the four of them meet in real life and have proper group sex. It started as a joke initially, but as they grew more and more into it, the idea of group sex stuck. It was a great idea actually, two naked men, two naked women, a night of free sex. The sex chat got really steamy at one point, and all they talked about was just pure sex, hot sex! At the end of the night, they all agreed to meet at Gustavo Hotel the next Saturday.

The days rolled by quickly, and Saturday came sooner than expected. They had swapped pictures on social media , done video chats, but they had never actually met in real life. It was going to be the first time they were all meeting. Anita did all the booking and preparation, they had ordered a whole room for the night.

Joe was the first to arrive, he was one of the two men on the group chat. Anita arrived minutes later, Betty following, while Greg was the last to arrive.

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"Wow, we are actually here in real life", Betty spoke up, there was a bit of nervousness in her voice. She was blond and beautiful, more beautiful than Anita.

"I know right?", Anita quipped. She had red hair, and even though she wasn't as beautiful as Betty, she had a more amazing body.

"It started with a sex chat now we are here", they all laughed as Greg imitated Drake's line, he seemed like the funny type.

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Even though they were meeting for the first time, they settled with each other and felt right at home, it would have been hard to guess that they were there for group sex. Joe ordered food and drinks, the group eating and chatting as they got to know each other better. While they chatted and got comfortable, it was evident that they were itching to get down to the free sex part. Their bodies communicated it, and it was just a matter of time before they had the hot sex that brought them together.

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They got to it after about thirty minutes, some small dirty talk started by Joe bringing them up to that point. An awkward silence followed after, the four of them exchanging glances as they communicated their lust without words.

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"Let's take off our clothes first", Anita kick-started things as she cleared her throat. The group did as she said, it was obvious that they were itching to skip to the hot sex part. Their hands worked rapidly, the clothes they wore sliding off their bodies until they were stark naked. Their eyes examined each other, exploring, the lust and desire in them grooming. The girls moved to one side while the guys moved to one side too. They sized each other up, their imaginations running wild as they sized themselves up.

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"Which of the naked men do you want?", Anita asked Betty as she ran her fingers through her hair. Betty smiled and examined the naked men. Joe had the bigger cock but Greg looked more confident, so she went with Greg.

"Seems like I'm stuck with you then", Anita smiled as she walked towards Joe, her beautiful tits swaying gently from left to right. Anita had a more banging body, her tits were perfect and round, her dark puffy nipples standing erect on them. Her ass was marvelous, just perfect.

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While Betty's body wasn't so banging, she still had beautiful tits and a decent ass.

"So, how's this going to go down?", Joe asked after they had picked their partners. "Seems the women are taking the lead on this one", he added as they all laughed.

"If that's the case, what do you want them to do first Betty?", Anita asked.

"Well, I want Greg to lick my pussy", she spoke softly, they were really getting into it now.

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"Do you accept the challenge Greg? Do you want to lick her wet pussy?", Anita spoke as all heads turned towards Greg's direction. He nodded and accepted the challenge.

He held Betty's hand and led her to the bed as the two other people watched. He leaned in and kissed her, a soft moan escaping her lips as he thrust his tongue into her mouth. He started off gently, slow brushing and pressing together of lips at first before it bloomed into a full sumptuous French kiss. He kissed her cheeks, planting soft wet kisses all over face.

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"Hmm", Betty moaned gently as Greg kissed down to her neck, her head tilting to one side as she gave him room to explore. Anita and Joe sat naked together and watched, and by now Anita's wet pussy was becoming flooded, it was just a matter of time before she kicked things with Joe whose cock was super erect.

Betty and Greg got on with it, his hand beginning to explore her body as he traced her breast bone with soft kisses. His fingers fondled her beautiful tits, rolling them around her nipples as pleasure chills ran up and down the length of her spine.

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Anita was on to Joe now, she couldn’t take it anymore, her fingers wrapped around his erect cock and stroking him as they kissed.

"What do you want me to do to you?", Joe broke the kiss as he asked her, his eyes were so hungry for the free sex.

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"I want you to lick my pussy too", she replied, Joe waiting for a split second before crashing his lips down on hers again. He kissed her, shoving her back into the couch in the hotel room as he settled between her legs.

Greg kissed down to Betty's tits now, another moan escaping her lips as he twirled his tongue around her erect nipples. He kept kissing down, teasing and pleasing her before settling his head in between her legs. She shivered with pleasure as she felt his warm breath on her wet pussy, her fingers digging into the sheets beside her. He teased her at first, planting wet kisses along her upper and inner thighs as she ached for his touch.

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"Oh...fuck!", she moaned out loud as his tongue touched her pussy for the first time, his tongue running up and down the length of her wetpussy. He rolled his tongue around her wet pussy lips, another moan escaping her lips as her thighs trembled.

Joe was working on Anita now, kissing her with passion as his fingers explored her wet pussy. He kissed down, his hands doing a little bit of exploration here and there as he sucked on her puffy nipples. He took his head down, bringing them in between her legs as he got things going.

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"Yes baby .... lick my pussy", Anita closed her eyes and moaned as Joe pushed his tongue into her opening. She moaned softly again, sliding her fingers into his hair as she guided him around her essence.

"Fuck! Yes...that's it! Lick my pussy like you own it!", Betty was going crazy with pleasure on the bed, Greg's tongue working some magic on her really wet pussy. The tip of his tongue connected with her clit now, intense pleasure vibrating through her as the sounds of ecstasy resonated around the whole place. He employed his fingers now, thrusting them into her aroused pussy as his tongue feasted on her clitoris. He kept this up, fingering her and sucking her clit simultaneously, sending waves after waves of pleasure to wash over her.

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"Oh, fuck! Fuck! Fuck!", Anita was moaning repeatedly as Joe ate her out, her body rising and falling with every movement he made. He was pleasing her, his tongue going deeper into her pussy as he buried his head in. He reached up with his hand, fondling and caressing her beautiful tits as she kept moaning. It was a beautiful sight to behold, the naked men with their heads in between the legs of the women, doing all that they could to please them.

"Oh fuck!! Lick my pussy pleeaasseee!!", Betty was out of control now. She was wilding on the body, her body ripping with pleasure as Greg tipped her over the edge of the pleasure cliff. She screamed out loud as she climaxed, her body trembling as her juices flowed out freely. Anita was at it too, Joe digging his tongue deeper and deeper, working her clitoris too as she hit her peak. She screamed out too, her hand pressing his head deeper and deeper to her pussy as she trembled with pleasure.

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The naked men stood up from them, it was time to get to the hot sex part now. Their cocks were erect already, the passion at the peak as they were ready to go. The men bent the women over, their hands on the edge of the bed as they set them up perfectly in doggy positions.

"Shit! That's it", Betty moaned out loud as as Greg grabbed her waist and pushed his cock into her, filling her up and stretching her out completely. She never thought the free sex was going to be that pleasurable.

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"Fuck!", Anita moaned with absolute satisfaction as Joe pushed his thick cock into her, splitting her sleek wet pussy walls apart and nestling deep into her.

The men started out gently, the girls moaning gently with every movement as they fucked. The girls arched their backs, throwing it back as they met them thrust for thrust. The strokes were slow and full initially, the passion consuming them as their desires came out into the open. They progressed, their moans blending into a perfect mix of erotic music. Who knew free sex could be that pleasurable? They soon took things up a notch, their slow thrusts giving way for harder pound-like ones, the girls moaning out loud as they rammed their thick cocks into them.

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They switched partners at one point, Joe going for Betty as Greg went to Anita. They took if from where they left off, their wet bodies pounding at each other as they made love. It was indeed hot sex in there, moans, groans, clutching, the whole place stank of pleasure and desire. The hands of the naked men explored their naked bodies as they fucked, caressing their beautiful tits, touching and grabbing their asses, their fingers even probing their ass holes.

The girls were moaning, they basically couldn’t control it. The men were going faster than ever now, pounding and slamming into them over and over again with reckless again. At that pace, it was only a matter of time before they climaxed.

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"Fuck! Yeah!", Betty orgasmed first, the intense pleasure starting from deep within her and consuming her as she vibrated as muttered gibberish. Joe came with her, his muscles flexing as he nutted in her.

"Yessss!!", Anita hit her peak almost immediately, her body trembling with pleasure as her wet pussy squirt out her fluids. Greg came seconds later, his balls tightening as he emptied his semen into her.

"Wow, that was incredible", Anita said in between short bursts of breath.

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"We should do that again soon", Joe said and all of them laughed.

"Who's hitting the shower first?", Betty asked, and before she finished speaking, Greg had hopped in, making all of them laugh again. They had their baths one after the other before they ordered some food again. The night was a great one for all them really, the group sex they talked about during the sex chat eventually became a reality.