Are you shocked that man who wants to have casual sex with you is not openly identifying himself as gay?

They are called Men who have sex with men (MSM), and there are quite a number of them around looking for hotties like you to hook up with. Or perhaps, you are a man who has nsa sex with men yourself, and you are willing to meet other men like you. Well, there is a secure way to do that – by joining xintimate adult chat site, you, as a gay man or man who has sex with men will meet a perfect match for you who will satisfy all of your sexual desires and fantasies.

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Gay sex dating partner.

If you are tall and your partner is short, you both will be able to fuck in positions that two big guys would find uncomfortable. Of course, it boils down to flexibility levels, different angles and being able to switch positions. Perhaps, a little bit of physics would help here. Call it sexy physics or “phy-sex.”

But then, it is one thing to have a sex dating partner who tickles your fancy, and it is another to have a swell and great time with them. If you have ever had gay sex, watched it or thought about it, you will know there are different ways to it, but there is also a very thin line between great sex and lousy sex. So, on which side do you want to be? Our guess is right, the great sex side.

Well, you have to keep reading as we introduce you to some of the most pleasurable gay sex positions that we know, have tried and have confirmed to be truly enjoyable.

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Sizes and Shapes.

Your size and shape are essential when it comes to gay sex dating, and we are not talking about how big your cock is.

If you are tall and your partner is short, you both will be able to fuck in positions that two big guys would find uncomfortable. Of course, it boils down to flexibility levels, different angles and being able to switch positions. Perhaps, a little bit of physics would help here. Call it sexy physics.

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Positions for Anal Sex.

Most of the positions we will be looking at are anal sex positions, but not all gay sex positions have to be penetrative. You can also try out some non-penetrative gay sex positions too.

Hookup sex Top, bottom or versatile.

In gay sex, you are either the top or the bottom, and for some people, they can adapt depending on the needs of their sex dating partner which is what we encourage everyone to be. The top can be dominant in some positions while the bottom can be dominant in some.

Men who have sex with men (MSM)

Missionary Position.

You are probably trying to imagine what this is like or thinking that it will be a boring gay sex position. If you are a top, you will find this position extremely easy. And for a bottom? Even easier.

This is not to neglect the foreplay though.

Sex dating Keep him on his back and suck his cock, lick it round, kiss and suck the entire length and swirl your tongue around his balls.


During gay sex, you need a lot of foreplay. Keep him on his back and suck his cock, lick it round, kiss and suck the entire length and swirl your tongue around his balls. Take it a notch higher by taking your tongue towards his perineum in between his balls and his ass.

Taste his butt-hole and let him absorb your actions. If you are on the receiving end, moan in ecstasy too and wriggle your butt-hole towards his tongue so the tongue can take your entire hole.If your action is eliciting the desired response, open up his butt-hole and reach deeper into it with your tongue. Lift his ass to get more action.

Adult chat. Keep him on his back and suck his cock, lick it round, kiss and suck the entire length and swirl your tongue around his balls.

Grab a pillow and lubricate.

Place a pillow under your partner so that his ass can be raised for much easier and comfortable access. Rub your cock against his butt-hole, apply some lubrication and wear condoms if you intend to penetrate.

Look into each other’s eye. Eye contact is vital in lovemaking or just fucking, and if you are having anal sex, communication is essential as well as looking each other in the eye to see how the other person is feeling. The missionary position is good for this. Penetrate him slowly while keeping an eye on the target. You can both create a comfortable momentum, and the position makes it easy to slide back in if you slip out because everything is within view.

NSA sex Ride his dick.

Hookup for sex. Rub your cock against his butt-hole, apply some lubrication and wear condoms if you intend to penetrate.


Bending over.

This gay sex position comes in handy when fucking while standing. How comfortable this position is, depends on the angle at which you are bending. For quick NSA sex in the park, sex in the club or a sauna, this is the winning sex position. Therefore, while all of the steamy action is going on, you want to make sure you both enjoy it to the fullest. Buttholes are different and for this position height difference, shape and size of the dick as well as the angle matter. To get him comfortable, start slowly and gradually match each other’s pace and momentum. Grab his waist and take him wholly.

As the bottom, taking control of this position can make things easier. Back onto his dick gently and take full control of the action so you can set the pace. Also, stick out and stuck up your ass so that he can have easy access.

adult chat nOpen up his butt-cheeks so you can find gain access to his sweet spot.

Doggy Style.

As a bottom, this is about the only sex position that puts you in full control. You dictate the momentum, it helps you gain confidence, and if it becomes painful, you can adjust to your own pace. Of course, body flexibility and a little bit of athleticism are needed here because riding a cock involves an up and down, back and forth movement.

It only gets difficult if one person has to position themselves awkwardly. Try and see if it works first, and if it does not, there are tons of other gay sex position you two could try.

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Side sex.

For a Netflix and chill weekend, this position is a winner. You both can lay on your sides with his bottom right on your dick. Maybe a kissing scene is all you two need to get sparked up. Open up his butt-cheeks so you can find gain access to his sweet spot. And once you are in, lay carefully next to him as you fuck him with your arms wrapped around him. This position can be an intensely intimate one as there will be a lot of kisses involved. Your waists will do the bulk of the work.

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You do not like anal?

Well, gay sex does not have to be all about anal sex and penetration. The mouth does wonders too and of course, solves the problem of body compatibility. The 69 position is fun all the time. Get into this position with your partner and pleasure each other till you can take it no more.

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Essential tips for gay sex.

A lot of people assume that gay guys are always ready to hookup for sex with the next available hottie and this has somehow gotten in the way of gay sex achieving its full potentials. Nobody really cares about how sexually-fulfilling life is for gay men or how happy they are in a gay sex dating relationship. But, guess what? We care at xintimate sex chat site, and we want to help you make sure you are a great lover. We will hook you up with your fantasies and teach you how to make the most out of it.

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Intimacy is an art, and for gay sex, it remains so.

As the one who has to do the penetrating, you are in charge of the action, and you have to make sure your bottom is well-pleasured.

Quick casual sex is hot, but you should consider your partner who has gone lengths to make sure his “man cave” is clean and good enough for you to slide your member into. He, for sure, did not prepare for a slip-and-slide action. He wants the complete thing in the best form, and only you can give him that. Not some two-minute action that will be over just when he is supposed to be enjoying it.

Slide penis into Anus Gay Sex dating.

Gay Sex goes beyond penetration.

To make the experience more pleasurable and heighten your desires and arousal, you will have to engage in a lot of foreplay. Get to work by kissing him all over and touching all the sweet spots. Find out his most erogenous zones and stimulate those areas succinctly. Prepare his ass for your dick by stimulating it as well with either your tongue or fingers. You could also rub around the entrance with a dildo or the head of your penis. You should make him beg you to fuck him. Get him to beg you to slide into him before you go inside.

You keep learning every day, and we really would like to ensure we take your intimate life to another level. With these tips, we believe that you will turn into a sexual Olympian in no time.If you are a top, check out the best gay sex tip – Stimulate before entering.

Cock butt hole anal sex.

As long as it is not a casual sex encounter, you and your partner have got a lot of foreplay to do before penetrative sex.

Once you have slid your dick into his butthole, start slowly by giving him the chance to get familiar with your cock. Observe his facial reaction as you increase your thrust. Is he enjoying it? Continue doing what you can see that he is enjoying. You do not want to hurt him, so you have to make sure you make it as enjoyable as possible. Apply a lot of lubrication and from time to time, switch positions to spice up the experience.

As a bottom, the power to control the sexual experience lies with you. Focus on enjoying the whole experience and make your partner feel like a champion.

Participate actively and pleasure your top.

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Often, tops usually complain that it is annoying when their bottom just lays down without doing anything. As much as being a bottom allows you to enjoy the experience passively, you also have to play an active part in the whole experience.

You don’t get to lay down and just receive because you are a bottom. Your sexual response is key to satisfying your partner (the top).

Pay attention to the fact that it is a lot of work for the top to get an erection and maintain it throughout the whole experience; therefore, it is up to you to play your part so that your partner does not feel like he is doing all of the work.

Take charge of foreplay activities, caress his body, tease him and expend your oral skills on him. Masturbate him to the point of climax and retreat then repeat this over and over. Work on him to the point where he is crazy with excitement and ecstasy that all he wants is to get inside of you and ram into you with pleasure. By being active yourself, you will be feeding his arousal, and this makes the entire activity fun for both of you.

Do not mimic gay porn.

Gay porn is not realistic, and you should never try to do the things that they do in it. Nobody has nsa sex for hours and has ejaculations that spurt out like water out of a hose. They are merely fantasies, and you should not have such expectations. Real gay sex does not look like anything depicted in gay porn. Therefore, you should focus on your pleasuring yourself and your partner. Understand how your bodies work and work in tune with each other. You do not even have to do penetrative sex all the time. Sometimes, you could just kiss, masturbate mutually and touch each other. There is the potential for increased pleasure if you go about it naturally rather than have some expectations based on what you have seen in scripted and recorded scenes that must have had a lot of cuts and edits.

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Whether you are a man who loves to have nsa sex with men or you are in a committed relationship, cultivate a healthy sex life with your hookups that makes both of you enjoy life and each other in the best possible ways. Keep your sex life spiced up and unpredictable.

Friends with benefits.

In a gay sex dating relationship, keeping the passion fire burning requires some key ingredients such as intrigue, suspense, unpredictability, and mystery. By applying all of these ingredients in your relationship, you will be able to keep your relationship fresh, exciting and unpredictable. Take up roles while having sex, fulfill each other’s sexual fantasies, have nsa sex in different places, try out new comfortable styles, talk about how you both feel about each other, plan extraordinary sexual encounters and dates, and a whole lot of other possibilities out there. It will be hard to get bored in a relationship where enough attention is paid to the sex life.

There are lots of casual sex games you both can play, go shopping for sex toys or sex outfits, get into porn roles and act them out, read and write erotic stories, learn tantra together. By putting all of these into practice, we can guarantee you of an exciting sexual adventure with your favorite man in the world.

Create a sexual journey for yourself.

You own your sexual journey, and we encourage you to put it into the perfect shape that you desire. Be safe, responsible and enjoy yourself with no holds barred. Whether you are an outgoing gay man, closet gay or a man who has sex with men, the possibilities of pleasure are limitless. You can get started on your journey into an exciting destination of sexual pleasure by signing up on xintimate hookup site to meet other men like you who are looking to have the best of gay sex or gay sex dating. We guarantee you nothing but fun and pleasure all through and be rest assured that your information is safe with us.