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They talked about all the things they wanted to do to each other. Mary said she wanted to swallow his cock until it gets rock hard and then get fucked by it until he comes inside her. John, the guy, was getting excited. He loved having sex chats like this. He told her that he wanted to bend her over and pound her so hard from behind that her big brown ass made loud, slapping noises against his dick. Once he had her screaming he wanted to cum inside of her and then watch the jizz slowly leak out of her raw red wet pussy.

“Oh god,” Mary thought, “that’s exactly what I want. What an amazing sex chat.” Mary couldn’t have John over to her house since her husband and kids were there (her husband knew and it turned him on). So she suggested that they meet in the middle and get a hotel room where they could fuck and enjoy some more sex chats. John agreed immediately. They found a nice, private hotel on the New Jersey Turnpike and both drove there to meet each other for some amazing fucking and an adult chat. Mary was nervous at first.

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She always gets nervous during sex chats like this, but it’s a good nervous, like going on a roller coaster or job interview. They lay down on the bed and playfully touched each other’s sexy bodies while having a sex chat. Mary told John all the things she wanted to do to him, and him to her. During their adult chat she told him how much she liked his dark beard, and how she wanted to feel it on her inner thighs while he lick her clit with his tongue and made her orgasm.

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John was super turned on by the sex chat they were having. He wanted to continue to have the adult chat, but he wanted to fuck Mary even more. So he leaned over, put his hand on her big, healthy hip, and kissed her. Mary moaned softly, signaling to John that she wanted it. So they stopped the sex chat, for now at least. John soon moved on to her neck, kissing his way down her body. She was wearing a tight black top, so John slipped the straps off her shoulders, exposing her big tits.

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Her nipples were big and dark brown. He sucked them until they were hard in his mouth and Mary was moaning even more, like she had at the start of their sex chat. He felt in between her legs with his hand, discovering that she was soaking wet. So he went down even further, flipped her skirt up, moved her panties to the side, and went to town. He licked her bared, waxed, beautiful wet pussy with all the energy he could muster. Mary was so wet that her wet pussy lips were sparkling with light from the windows.

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Finally, she couldn’t take it anymore. “Fuck me,” Mary said. “Fuck me.” John acquiesced. He took his pants off to expose his rock hard cock. It had been hard since the beginning of their sex chat. He didn’t bother putting a condom on—during their adult chat they had established that they were both clean and Mary was on birth control. He rubbed the tip of his dick on Mary’s clit, driving her wild. Finally, he put it in. Mary’s back arched as she moaned in his ear with pleasure. Her hands squeezed John’s back, her nails digging lines of red ecstasy down to his waist.

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One day I’m just browsing this website called Xintimate and the next day I’m in bed with you, cumming inside of your amazing pussy. Mary traced a line down between her legs with one hand, feeling her still wet pussy and the semen that was slowly leaking out of her. “I loved having you inside me,” Mary said, turning her head to smile at her lover. They both lay there in the glowing post-coital bliss that everyone wants so bad.

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