Men often dread the “we need to talk” statement. And while most times, women use it when something is eating them up inside, you also need to be aware that they can pull the statement on you if you are not “eating them up well” literally. Just as it is important for you to cum, note that it should not always end with your orgasm.

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Orgasms are important for her as well, and lick my pussy is key to achieving that. Sexual satisfaction goes both ways, and if you really want to lock her down, you have to take extra steps to satisfy her wet pussy.Oral sex for naked women is an entirely different ball game than it is for men, and it goes beyond just the sucking and lick my pussy. There is a thin line between getting it right and messing it up. lick my pussy is a little bit about what you do with your tongue and how you make her wet pussy feel with herself being at your mercy. So, how do you give her mind-blowing lick my pussy every time?

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Are you thinking of going to watch porn for women? Bad idea! Don’t even try it. You may also not want to bring up during sex chat with her talking about how to improve on your lick my pussy skills. That is why we are here at We will be giving you some applicable real-life tips that are guaranteed to make you become a pro at lick my pussy.

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At, we would not want a situation where you would join our adult dating website, get an NSA hookup and all you can offer is bad lick my pussy or even lousy sex. We want to make sure any sex chat hookup or sex chat hookup on our website, ends up being a great experience for both parties. Yes, that is how much we care about you. Nothing beats a good orgasm. We exist for that, and we will get you those tips now.


Do not make it about you; make it about her wet pussy.

To give your naked girls the best lick my pussy, you have to be the giver of hot sex. Women love sacrifices, and if you have to put your needs aside to cater to hers, it is definitely a turn on for women. Lick my pussy without expectations or time limits. Let her relax, get into it and enjoy it without putting pressure on her to reciprocate the gesture by pleasing you too.

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Hot sex PRO TIP: Do not go straight for the clit. Start gradually by licking her pussy lips and allow her to dictate the momentum. Lick her pussy lips till she starts wriggling towards your tongue. Hold off a bit and make her beg for it.Surprise Her.

The hardest part about oral sex is knowing how best to flick your tongue, where to start from, the best and the best tongue motion for her.

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As we mentioned earlier, do not start with the clitoris. Do something different and unexpected during oral sex. Rather than circling your tongue around her wet pussy aimlessly, how about you spread her legs wider apart, see her reaction and dig your tongue into her pussy. Lift her legs a bit higher, spread her legs, take her fully in your mouth, make her gasp and relaxed enough to free herself up to you.

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Taking on the clitoris directly or repeating the same tongue motion on the wet pussy can turn your partner on but you have to know when to switch it up, so you do not bore them. Throw in different stimulating moves, take her by surprise, shock her, make her gasp, and you will be sending her over the edge in no time. PRO TIP: get into her head by making her conscious of the moment.

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Tell her sweet things; make her feel adored; tell her she is sexy and she is the one responsible for your throbbing cock.

Foreplay is important and while sucking her wet pussy, take your hand all over her body. Rub her legs, kiss her, grab and knead her ass cheeks. Chances are, by the time you slide your cock into her wet pussy, you will be welcomed into an amazing haven of wetness.

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Lick her wet pussy in the middle of hot sex.This can be a game changer in her sex life and could be the fastest way to give her an orgasm. While she’s riding you, turn her around and go down on her pussy until she climaxes. Most women reach orgasm through both oral sex and penetration sex; so, you have to give her the best of both worlds. Switch intermittently from one to the other until she climaxes.

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Hot sex PRO TIP: Do not ignore the labia. Licking the is everything when it comes to lick my pussy. See licking her wet pussy as licking ice cream. Stroke her labia slowly for a while before devouring her pussy with your mouth.

Use your hands before your mouth.Instead of diving straight into eating the pussy, how about you start from the basics? Kiss her first, finger her pussy and make the most out of the foreplay so your hands can reach every part of her body. Make out with her to turn her on and get her in the mood. Exchange of saliva also gets some testosterone transferred to her.

Hot sex PRO TIP: Don’t lick her till she dries up. She sure would not enjoy you sucking her dry with dry lips and tongue. Leave some of her girl-cum and smoosh some of the juice around the pussy. Let her remain wet and lick the pussy with her pussy juice intact.Show her that you are turned on.

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Remember those blowjobs you have had? The best blowjobs are the ones in which she had to put in some sexy gestures. Show some sexiness, make eye contact, moan and make sounds. The best lick my pussy is not only about the receiver; it is a collective effort from both of you. So, while you are working hard at pleasing her by sucking her pussy, you should also make her feel like you really want to go down on her and you are enjoying every bit of it. It even gets better if you can maintain an erection all through. Let her know just how much you are turned on by her and how sexy she is. You definitely will get her juice flowing rapidly this way.

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PRO TIP: Don’t just lick her pussy, you should suck it too. Not sucking her pussy sucks and defeats the entire lick my pussy expereince.

Bring sex toys into the mix.

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Not everyone fancies the idea of using sex toys when pleasuring their partner but if you are willing to explore your freaky side and send her over the top with pleasure, consider using sex toys. If you think sex toys will make you less effective, you need to stop thinking about that as sex toys can enhance sexual intercourse. With a sex toy, it is almost certain that she will reach orgasm which your tongue may be incapable of.

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You can try out different toys to see which one works best for you, and lick my pussy. Also, the best dating sites will also give useful tips on the use of sex toys during oral sex and non-penetrative sex. You must also note that sex chat hookups from an anonymous dating site must be done using brand new toys to be safe hygienically.You can use the toys during sex to stimulate her more or during lick my pussy. She will no doubt experience one of her most pleasurable moments.

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Keep the clit lubricated.You need to know that the clit does not lubricate itself and while you are sucking her pussy, you have to do it with the combination of your tongue, lips, and saliva. The saliva makes things better without causing any discomfort to your partner. Allow

your saliva draw with your tongue every time you drag your tongue around her pussy. Smoosh the juice all over her and around her clit. Use your tongue to make broad strokes from her pussy to her clit, and when you have made her dripping wet, you can take your time performing some magic with your tongue. Do not forget to suck.

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Hot sex Bury your face into it.

If you will be sucking her pussy, then you may as well get into it fully by burying your face in her pussy. Suck her pussy with your tongue and lips – get dirty; you can clean up later. There will be spit and pussy juice all over. Pay no mind; get your face and mouth into the pussy. This will also save you the stress of straining your tongue to give her pussy some tongue action.

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Pay attention.While you are using your mouth for all the action, you should also use your ears to pay attention to her reactions to every one of your moves. If you get her to wriggle, writhe in pleasure, move her hips, shake her legs or grind her pelvis against your mouth, you are doing something right. Pay attention to the signs and anything that looks like a positive nudge in the right direction is what you should keep doing.

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Stick a finger up there.

You should know that fingering her while the clit is hard works wonders. Insert a finger into her wet pussy as the clit is getting engorged, more sensitive and harder. You can lick your finger before inserting it into her wet pussy. During lick my pussy, a wet pussy is always good; therefore, you have to do all you can to keep her wet. You can make it two fingers, and you could ask her first.

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Allow her to sit on your face.Licking her pussy does not have to be done while she is lying down. You can try out different positions just like when you are having penetrative hot sex. You can eat her from behind, on all her fours, while standing or even allow her to sit on your face while you bury your tongue deep into her pussy. There are tons of positions in which you can eat her pussy. You two only have to be creative and freaky with it.


Hot sex: Insert a finger or two into her butthole.

While we have been exploring how to pleasure your partner orally with your tongue and mouth, you can switch it up the hot sex a notch by slipping one or two fingers up her ass. A lot of women find this intensely exciting and pleasurable. To make a first great impression with someone you met on an adult dating website for free sex hookup, lick my pussy is great but spicing it up is even better. Slipping a finger into her ass can even give her anal orgasms although you may need to lubricate her ass to make it pleasurable. You can also do this using a condom around your finger with some lubricant on it.Once you start eating her pussy, tease her ass slowly till she gets relaxed. Then you may insert your finger slowly into her ass gently. Continue eating her pussy as you play with her ass. The combined sensations of rubbing her ass and stimulating her clit with your tongue can drive her incredible insane.

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Think butt plugs.Using your finger to rub her butt is enjoyable, but at some point, you may have to take your hand out of her ass, and this is where you may need a butt plug to replace your fingers.

Lick my pussy is vital.

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