I’ve known Chelsea for years. She’s a tall, skinny brunette, and looks somewhat like Giselle Bundchen. And you wouldn’t know it to look at her,but she has a filthy, filthy mind. “My dildo is my best friend…” “The
best place for lesbian sex is a hookup site…” “I’ve tried as many sex positions as possible, my favorites are where I can see my partner’s tits…” These are just some of the things she’s said to me over the years.

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One night recently we were out for drinks, having an adult chat, and a thought struck me. “Chelsea,” I began, “tell me about lesbian sex.” Her eyes lit up, as though I’d asked about her favorite topic in the world.

“Well, what do you want to know?” She asked.

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“Start with the sex positions,” I said.

“There’s lots, but my favorites are…” and she started listing them, all her favorite sex positions! “…and there’s sixty-nining, of course, though that’s not my number one choice, because I can’t fondle my partner’s tits.”

“I love reclining, both giving and receiving,” Chelsea said.

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“What’s reclining,” I asked, having never heard of it myself.

“One woman lays back, or reclines,” Chelsea explained, “while the other either goes down on them and licks their pussy or uses a dildo to fuck them. Sometimes, in fact, one half of the couple will use a strap-on, which is basically a dildo you can attach to your body, to fuck your partner.” She paused before adding, “tits bouncing in your face, of course.” “What do lesbians like most about lesbian sex?” I asked.

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“Everyone likes something different,” Chelsea explained as she took a sip of her beer. “Some people have different favorite sex positions, some people like using a dildo, while others don’t, and some people use hookup sites to find partners, while others prefer to find lovers in person at bars, drinking and having an adult chat.”

“Interesting, “ I said, “especially about the dildo part. Tell me more about hookup sites.”

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“Oh gosh,” Chelsea began. “I love hookup sites. I’m on at hookup site at least once an hour during the day. I can’t get enough. Hookup sites
are one of the greatest things ever invented.”

“Are there lots of people looking for lesbian sex or an adult chat on hookup sites?” I asked.

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“Oh, for sure,” she responded. “Attitudes on sex have changed greatly, as have attitudes on homosexuality. So nowadays people can be open about both the fact that they’re looking for sex and that they’re gay. So no one feels weird anymore talking sex positions or lesbian sex during an adult chat.”

“What are some other things people talk about?” I asked.

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“Besides sex positions and lesbian sex?”

“Mhmm,” I said, nodding my head.

“Oh, you know…what’s the ideal length and girth for a dildo, how big you like tits to be…your average adult chat topics.”

We both laughed.

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“How big do you like your dildo and another woman’s tits?” I asked.

“Tits…I like them small, because mine are so big.”

I glanced down to verify. Chelsea does indeed have big tits.

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“I like my tits small and my dildos big…as big as possible…dildos…it’s a fun word to say.” Chelsea giggled.

“Like how big?” I asked.

“Nine, ten inches” Chelsea answered, a dreamy look coming over her eyes. “Like I said…big dildos.”

“What do you do with the dildo?” I asked.

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“Lots of stuff,” Chelsea answered. “You can go conventional and have one girl laying down and the other using the dildo on her. One girl can use the dildo as a strap-on and fuck the other, which is one of my favorite sex positions. You can also go with the doggy-style sex position and use the dildo that way. There are just so many possibilities with lesbian sex.”

“I’m enjoying this adult chat we’re having,” I said, smiling. I was learning a lot.

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“Yeah me too,” Chelsea said. “Adult chats are the best.”

“Tell me more about lesbian sex,” I said. I wanted to learn as much as I could.

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“Well, lesbian sex is kind of like that one quote, I forget where it comes from, that ‘what you are you become.’ I really believe that, in everything, including lesbian sex.”

“How so? Tell me more,” I said.

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“Well,” Chelsea seemed to think deeply for a moment. “What you’re looking for is generally what you’ll find. If you like masculine energy, that’s what you’ll find. If you prefer feminine energy, that’s what will find you. If you like tall girls, if you like short girls, big girls, small girls, big tits, small tits, whatever…what you’re looking for is what you’ll find.”

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I thought about that for a moment. It seemed like a fascinating concept. “So…for example,” I began. “If I’m a woman looking for lesbian sex, and I go into a bar, that’ll be like a signal that I’m emitting? And someone will find me.”

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Chelsea smiled. “Well, kind of, but not exactly. You can’t just walk into the bar expecting lesbian sex, sit in the corner, and have it magically fall into your lap.”


Chelsea took a long, luscious sip out of her drink. “The intent isn’tenough. You have to put yourself out there, and be the energy you want to attract. So if I’m looking for a partner to experiment with multiple sex positions with, perhaps I should go into a bar and strike up an adult chat with the bartender about lesbian sex.”

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She continued. “People at bars are just looking for an excuse to get into a conversation with somebody, especially an adult chat about lesbian sex. So as soon as someone hears what you’re talking about, they’ll want to jump in! You can ask them their favorite sex positions…how they like lesbian sex if they’re a woman, or how they likegay sex if they’re a man.”

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“I bet this is an easier topic to start an adult chat with at gay bars versus straight bars?” I asked.

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“Oh, for sure!” Chelsea said, laughing.

“No ones going to want to have an adult chat about lesbian sex at a family restaurant. You have to pick your spots. Find the right spot, put your energy and intention out there, and maybe something will happen.”

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“Something like lesbian sex?” I asked.

“Maybe something like lesbian sex,” Chelsea said, giggling.

“Tell me some things about lesbian sex that some people might not know.” I said.

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“Well…lesbians tend to have sex a lot, typically when partnered. Lesbian women are not as promiscuous as gay men though. And there tends to be more orgasms in lesbian sex than in straight sex or gay sex, because women can orgasm practically an unlimited amount of times. Like,I’ve had days where I have ten orgasms, which is something a man can’t do.”

“Why is that?” I asked, though I thought I knew the answer. Funny how our conversation had veered away from lesbian sex.

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“Well, just biologically,” Chelsea began to answer. “When a man orgasms, he ejaculates, and his body needs time to replenish his store of semen, and that takes time. Longer for some, shorter for others. I’ve heard it can be as short as fifteen minutes and as long as a couple hours. Anyway, meanwhile, women engaged in lesbian sex can be going down on each other and sixty-nining the whole time that the man is recuperating. So women can have potentially as many as five or ten orgasms during lesbian sex for every one that a man has.”

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“Lesbian sex sounds pretty incredible,” I said. I regretted the fact that I would never be able to experience it first-hand.

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“Yeah, it is,” Chelsea said. “But in my experience it doesn’t happen with just anybody. Like, I can’t pick up a woman off the street and automatically have amazing sex. Lesbian women tend to be picky about partners, and take a while to find someone. But once they find the right person, lesbians will stay together for an extremely long time, even longer than most straight couples. And the sex gets to be incredibly fulfilling, because each partner gets to know the other so well.”

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“So there’s, like, a secret code for getting a woman to orgasm, and once lesbian partners learn each other’s, that’s it? They’re going to be stuck together for a long time?”

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“Yes, that’s the trend, whereas conversely gay men are super promiscuous like I said. Once two lesbian women get to know each other intimately and what gets one another off, they’ll just fuck for hours and hours each day, because they can! That’s the beauty of lesbian sex. You can just go and go, like the energizer bunny.”

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We both laughed.

“Well Chelsea, thank you for talking me through this. I learned a lot, this was a very informative conversation.”

“Yeah, I’m glad you learned stuff,” she said.

We both started to get up to leave.

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“Oh, and one more thing,” Chelsea said. “Check out www.xintimate.com if you want to learn more about lesbian sex. That’s where I go. It’s the best place by far on the internet to find lesbian sex. It’s secure and anonymous, perfect for casual dating. There are thousands of people on there, so it’s really easy to find someone. I love it.”

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“Sweet, thanks Chelsea.” We hugged and went our separate ways. I imagined Chelsea going to a gay club and picking up a partner for the evening that she could have lots of orgasms with. I was glad for our conversation. I’d learned a lot, mostly that lesbian sex is awesome. I looked forward to speaking with Chelsea on it again and expanding my knowledge, but mostly I was looking forward to checking out www.xintimate.com.

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I walked down the street as the sun was setting on the horizon, casting a hot, sexy red-orange glow across the buildings. Perfect weather for sex, I thought, as I pulled my phone out.