At some point in a relationship or marriage, we all feel the urge to look for extra spice outside the relationship. Oh, never mind, we’re not going to judge you. It is absolutely fine to have those urges, and if you have been suppressing them all the while for fear of getting caught, we finally bring you tips on how to cheat without getting caught.

Talk about eating and having your cake which nobody ever wants to admit that they wish they could do. Think about cheating on your wife and having that extra cooking from the incredible hot lady you met on a sex dating website. Interesting right? You get to cheat, nobody finds out, and you are satisfied. Bliss!!

One thing that not many people want to admit to is there are lots of cheats out there. A lot of people cheat on their girlfriends and wives, but unfortunately, they get caught, and that ruins things for everybody else. There are some who cheat once or twice and never does it afterward. But you, our guy, whom this article is for, wishes to cheat without inhibition, keep your relationship and never get caught.

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We will be sharing these important tips that work on how to cheat, enjoy cheating and never get caught. Recline in your chair as we take you on a journey that is quite addictive if done the right way. Anyway, get to reading and happy cheating!!!

Have friends that will cover and lie for you.

This is about the most important aspect of it all. You need to have one or a few friends that are available at all times to lie and cover for you. Once you have this, you have struck gold in your cheating adventure. Imagine you have plans to hang out with your side-chick and but your wife/girlfriend is not letting you step out of the house. If you have a friend who can lie for you, you two can come up with a quick lie that will get you out of the house, go do your thing and be covered throughout your time with your fuckbuddy.

Be shameless about it

If you are going to return from your side chick and will have a guilty look on your face, then cheating is not for you. Cheating on your wife without getting caught involved shaking it off before going back home to face your wife. You cannot act differently; you cannot be nervous: you have to be cool, normal and be shameless about it.

Women have strong instincts and can generally sense it if you have done something you are not proud of behind them. So, you have to comport yourself and pull yourself together.

Log out of your computer all the time.

You would think this is simple to do, but a lot of guys have been caught cheating because they did not follow this simple tip. Always wipe your computer clean of any trails that your wife can follow. Log out of your social media accounts, log out of your email and everything that can link you to any woman outside of your marriage. Even if there is an account that you do not use to communicate with the side-chick, log out of it because you may have said something to one of your close buddies that would give you up. Your wife will likely go through your chat with your friend if she ever gets suspicious of you. Women believe that your buddies are the ones you tell everything to; so, if you are cheating, they are more likely to know about it. Apart from logging out of your accounts, make sure you clear your history. You do not want to leave a trail now, do you? If you shared nudes with your mistress, ensure you clear them all off of your devices.

Do not stop being the man she married or fell in love with.

The biggest mistake many guys make when cheating on their wives is ceasing to go all out for their wives when they start cheating on her. You do not want her to start suspecting you which is why you have to do all that you can to make her feel secure. Be nice to her all the time, do not complain about the relationship that you are unhappy, remind her that you love her, take her out on dates, reaffirm your commitment to her and keep the fire of desire burning passionately. If you will not do these with your wife when cheating on her, you should probably break up with her instead of cheating on her. You should only cheat on your girlfriend when you are not willing to leave the relationship. Therefore, while you are cheating on your wife, continue to make her feel special, and she will not suspect you one bit.

Create a separate email for cheating.

Never use your primary email to communicate with the woman you are cheating with. That is pure amateur stuff. It is even worse if you use your work email especially if the side-woman is your work colleague. Create a special email account for cheating on your wife even though your wife may never check your email. And since you have opened one already, if she ever checks your primary email, she will not find anything and will be convinced that she was only paranoid. This helps your cheating adventure continue without a hitch. You only have to ensure you log out of your cheating accounts and you are good.

Never date a chick at work.

The thought of leaving your wife at home and going to meet a hot, sexy chick at work is super fun and exciting. It also makes cheating on your wife easy because you will not have to lie a lot. You have to be at work with the other woman, and you can conveniently say you were in a meeting with a colleague. But the problem with this is that work affairs never last and when it ends, you will continue to see her every day you go to work. If it ends in a messy way, she can easily ruin your relationship with your wife or girlfriend. Instead, go out of your place of work to cheat on your wife.

Keep your phone away from your wife.

Imagine you meet a fuck buddy for casual sex dating on a sex dating website; there is a possibility that you and her will text a lot. Sometimes locking your phone is never enough; you also have to keep it away from her. You do not want to leave your phone with your wife when you are not there with her. What if you forget to lock it? Disastrous right? The best way to deal with this is to always have your phone on you all the time and turn off all notifications. If your wife will catch you cheating, she will start with your phone. Therefore, do not let her have the chance to get access to your phone to see what you are up to.

Never bring the other woman home.

It is exciting to meet a fuck buddy on a sex dating website who lives within your zip code. But never make the mistake of taking her to your home. It is reckless behavior and one of the most dishonorable way of getting caught. So many variables involved here that you should not gamble on. Cheating on your wife should be done away from home. Forget the thrill or excitement. It is not worth it.

Keep the condoms away.

You still have to adhere to safety rules when cheating on your wife with a fuck buddy. No matter where you meet your mistress or the kind of relationship you both have; whether you met on a sex dating website and you are in a casual dating relationship, condoms are important. You do not want to put your “beloved” wife at risk, and of course, you do not want an unwanted pregnancy. Safe sex is important, and you should always hide the condoms. It can be difficult to keep up with, but hey, you do not want to get caught, right? You have to find a way to hide the condoms or just buy as you need them.

Throw her off.

This is also known as “Gaslighting,” and it means throwing her off every time she suspects you. In other words, learn how to manipulate your wife into questioning her sanity whenever she starts asking you questions. We know this is mean, but you are the one who doesn’t want to get caught. Most of the time, you leave your girlfriend feeling guilty and awful for accusing you of cheating on her in the first place. Learn how to throw her off balance, and you will be able to go on and cheat without getting caught.

Be more active in the bedroom.

You will be doing yourself a lot of harm if you decide to neglect your wife in the bedroom knowing fully well that you are actively cheating on your wife. An incredibly good way to throw her off track and distract her from whatever you are doing outside the home is giving her some cuddly, mushy loving in bed. You got to keep the same energy you give to your mistress with your wife. Making her happy under the sheets should be a priority for you if you do not want her to get suspicious and find out.

Think about coming back home at night to cuddle your wife through the night and make some fantastic sweet love; chances are, you would leave the house the next morning with a happily satisfied woman in your bed. Cheating on your wife does not stop you from having a solid physical and sexual relationship with her. You do not deprive her of some good dick that your mistress is enjoying. Hit the pussy from time to time, and even though you are cheating on your wife, even she wouldn’t be the wiser.

Always pay cash

Casual sex dating will involve a lot of hookups and spending money. You will need a spot to have sex with your fuck buddy, and this involves paying for hotel rooms. Do not ever pay with your card – always pay in cash. You do not want your wife to see motel receipts or other expenses that you cannot explain on your credit card statement; she will begin to suspect you. Instead, always have cash on you, so she does not know what you do with money, and there will not be a paper trail. Even if she ever confronts you about what you did with such amount of money, you can always cook up some story that does not lead to the fact that you are cheating on your wife.

Don’t text when she is around.

Texting your mistress is inevitable but be smart about it. Don’t go all day smiling at your phone and chatting away in the presence of your wife or girlfriend. When you are cheating on your wife, and whenever you are with her, you spend long hours texting, she will begin to wonder who you are texting so much to the point of asking. You cannot lie about something like this because sooner or later she will find out and that is the end.

Reduce the frequency of your texting with your fuckbuddy to avoid trouble. After all, we are talking about how to cheat and not get caught. Avoiding trouble with your wife is one of the ways not to get caught.


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