Hooking up for a sex date is fun and relaxing. With these common-sense tips, you can keep hooking up for a casual sex date safe and fun.

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1: Pictures.

2: Location.

3: Let someone know.

4: Use your own transport.

5: Be sober.

6: Sexual Limits.

7: Don’t be silly put a condom on your Willy!

Casual Sex dating safety tip 1: Pictures.

Pictures are a must if you want to be successful at online sex dating. Without pictures, you will not have as much success at hooking up for sex online. However, never ever use a picture that you have used on another platform on the internet, specifically not on social media sites.

If you upload pictures with other people in them, make sure that you have their permission!

Not uploading a picture that does not show your face increases your anonymity and at the same time, decreases your chances of hooking up for sex. On Xintimate, you can also create private albums that are only visible to users you choose. You can also attach pictures to messages.

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Casual Sex dating safety tip 2: Location.

Never post anything that could reveal your exact location. For example: Mention that you play golf, but not where. Nor have pictures of you playing golf, that could be used to identify your golf course! If you are a lawyer, do not mention with what office you are associated. Do not show cars with license plates visible, street signs or characteristic buildings. Don’t mention names of hotels, clubs, bars, restaurants. Just mention that you enjoy clubbing or eating sushi.

If you live in a small town, put down a nearby bigger city. For example if you live in Vernon California, mention that you live in nearby Los Angeles. This way, you still indicate your location without being too specific.

If you plan on hooking up for sex in a place other than your home, for example in a hotel, you could mention the location of the hotel you are planning to use to hookup for casual sex.

Casual Sex dating safety tip 3: Let someone know.

Most people like to keep their sex lives private. But when you are going to hookup for sex with someone, let a trusted / non-judgmental friend know. Leave the address of the place where you will hookup for sex and also let your friend know with whom you will be having a sex date.

“let a trusted / non-judgmental friend know”

Casual Sex dating safety tip 4: Use your own transport.

Always travel with your own means of transport, whether it is a car, a bike or taxi to where you will be hooking up for sex. This gives you full control of the situation and allows you to leave when your sex date does not work out for you.

“leave when your sex date does not work out”
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Casual Sex dating safety tip 5: Be sober.

Alcohol can help ease things up and set the mood for a sex date. However, with alcohol and other mind-impairing substances, your sex date can quickly spiral out of control. Not to mention unwanted pregnancies that result from unprotected sex because of over-consumption. Keep alcohol to an absolute minimum when on a sex date.

Casual Sex dating safety tip 6: Sexual Limits.

You might be into mutual masturbation, but not into fist fucking or you have a leather fetish but are not into BDSM. Maybe you want to hookup in public for a cup of tea before having a fuck. Perhaps you prefer to hookup for sex in a hotel. Whatever it is that you are into (or not): Be clear and upfront about it. Also, be clear if you have any expectations with regards to hygiene or others being there.

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Everyone has sexual limits. It's necessary you state your sexual limits and request for theirs to enhance mutual understanding and respect.

“Everyone has sexual limits”

Casual Sex dating safety tip 7: Don’t be silly put a condom on your Willy!

When you get a child or an STD from your NSA sex date, things are all of a sudden not so NSA anymore. You must always practice safe sex; the consequences of unprotected sex can be nothing short of life-threatening. Be clear with potential sex dates that you will only participate in safe sex! For more information on safe sex, please visit Planned parenthood.