I have been using Xintimate for about 3 weeks. I met three women Whilst on Xintimiate I had sex with two of them, and I am not the hottest man alive and have a little bit of a belly.

The No1 adult dating site I have found. Sure you need to put insome work, creating a profile, finding and and contacting but I have gotten several sex dates this past year. Not with the most attractive women, but then again neither am I. All in all Xintimiate is a great site for casual sex.

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I have been on this sex daing site for over a year now and have had surprising luck with getting dates on Xintimate. I would say that the women I dated were on average 7. My dates wanted to hooked quick for sex. There were also some that just wanted to talk, but I simply blocked their profiles. The women thata re for real talk a little, and when you want to hookup in person they will accept or not. Genuine womentalk with you for a bit and when you suggest to hookup up they either say yes or no. Xintimate is great for one night stands.
I meet with fucky (that is how I call my fuck buddy) about once a week, depending on out schedules. Fucky and I have amazing sex, we experiment a lot and fantasize over the things we are ging to do before meeting on Wattsapp. I have been on a few regular dates with my fuckbuddy, but it is mainly just casual sex.

I have used a few adult dating sites and I keep coming Xintimate. It is the best adult dating website, with the most members. There are t a lot of genuine people looking to hook up My partner and I have met a other women through Xintimate it is aour main go to when we are looking for some excitement.

Xintimate is not the easiest sex dating site to use; it does not do the matches for you. It takes a little getting used to, but it is no problem for me having to hook-up manually is part of chase for me. I have meet met really friendly and kinky people on here and it is the people that matter the most.

I have been using Xintimate for 6 weeks. I have gotten two sex dates with two men, both were great. It really boils down to what you put into hooking up. Xintimtate is a great hook up site, but it does take effort on your part.

My expreince wtih this hookup site is that 20%-30% of girls on here will respond to messages, and maybe you’l end up going on a few sex dates. But these girls that you do end up having a one night stand with are absolutely worth the hassle. IMO Xintimate is the best adult dating site, and one of the few genuine sites. Do not waste your time on crappy sites
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